HUMAX Wi-Fi Technology

The Evolution of home Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi packet transport with a MAC ON THE FLY architecture
that maintain Wi-Fi throughput even when the number of clients increases

Proliferation of
Connected Devices

More people are connecting more devices doing more bandwidth-intensive things than ever before – and it’s getting harder for aging routers to handle it.

128 Clients Support

Even when multiple wireless devices are connected, Wi-Fi speeds will remain stable when connected to the T9 with minimal drops in speed than when connected to other company routers.

Real World Multi Client testing

With the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other smart and IoT devices at both the home and office, the need for data connection with devices connect simultaneously is increasing. The QUANTUM T9 can handle data traffic without going through the CPU and can handle traffic for multiple devices connected simultaneously at least 25% faster than with other company routers.

Small Packet Performance

Small packet traffic is increasing due to home entertainment, gaming, and various IoT devices, different from normal network traffic. The QUANTUM T9 effectively handles small packet traffic more effectively, making the overall experience faster than with other company routers.

Wi-Fi Technology is evolving,
but has your router and extender?

Homes today have an average of 8 devices connected to the Internet, and 84% of users stream videos and music, or play games online – all at the same time. However, a majority of homes still use old wireless router technology. It’s no wonder that 54% of wireless Internet users surveyed face repeated performance issues.