Software Release


T3Av2 AC1200

The firmware
The updated firmware fixes the issues that the previous firmware version has and updates.
Performance is current.

Important update instructions:
To prevent F / W update failure. Please read the following before performing an update.
• Please check the model name of your device for the firmware version. Incorrectly updating the firmware may damage your phone and invalidate the warranty.
• Do not shut down during the update process, as this may permanently damage the product.
• It is recommended to update the firmware through a wired connection.
• It is recommended that users stop using the Internet entirely on their computer or simply disconnect the internet connection from the device before updating.

Firmware ver1.0.21
– Published Date: 20/09/19
– Language: English
– File Size: 10.7 MB (Please unzip the file after downloading)

New Features/Enhancement:
– Increased the number of “Reserved IP”
– Enhanced the roaming and mesh feature.

Bug Fixed:
– Modified the bugs in security and UI.
– Minor bug (GUI and some functions)

– Please unplug the USB device before upgrading the firmware.